Who Am I?

My name is Rumen Ralev and I was born on the 21st of September, 1974

I have always been excited about creating new things. When I was young, I was captivated by drawing and, at a later age, I majored in Industrial Design at the Technical University in my hometown, which gave me my master's degree in design.

While I was studying, I was eager to put my skills to the test, so I started a part time job in a local design agency. I was mainly tasked with designing business cards and vinyl signage, which, although simple, was something new and exiting for me, and it further fueled my passion for the job.

After I graduated, I focused on developing my skills and career. So, I started to work for different design agencies, each one bigger than the last, learning everything I can from each job that I was given.

I felt that working press stuff, pre-press preparations and all other things that are involved in polygraphy is where my heart is at, so I applied for a job position in one of the biggest print companies in my town, and I would bravely say in my country, passatpress.com. For the four years I spent there, I finished a lot of projects, with which I felt very proud. I learned a lot of things and, when I felt I was good enough, I left the company to co-create a design studio with my wife – we called it Pixel Design.

We were on the market for over 5 years and I am happy to say that I had a chance to work with a lot of important customers, some of which even became our friends.

As the global economy recession hit, I lost most of my major clients since their companies decided to cut the budgets for advertisement or outsourcing to outside design partners. As a result, we had to cut out the expenses for the office and employees and shrink our business.

I was looking for a solution to keep doing what I love, which led me to creating a designer profile at getafreelancer.com - the old name of freelancer.com. At first, I had very little luck winning the projects, and almost got desperate, but I did not allow this to deter me. I kept bidding until I was finally employed for a project, which I managed to finish successfuly and won my first positive feedback. The client was so happy that he gave me a couple more projects and thus multiplied my feedback comments. As they grew, it was easier to win a project, so I managed to keep doing this job for 5+ years now.

Being a freelancer is hard. You need to have high focus, be communicative, explain and ask questions patiently, make a lot of drafts and revisions, but is also exiting since you often work with different people from different places, and, to be honest, it pays well. So, i intend to do this as long as I can :)


  • March 2014 - PresentGraphic Designer

    ArtVision, Varna / Full-time
    Working as graphic designer. Doing various design projects along with prepress preparation and outdoor advertising.
  • May 2012 - March 2014Graphic Designer

    Extreme, Varna / Full-time
    Working as graphic designer. Doing various design projects along with prepress preparation for digital printing.
  • February 2010 - May 2012Freelancer

    Selfemployed from home
    Selfemployed designer. Working with my wife on various projects that where awarded from freelancer websites. Establishing long therm relationship with some of the clients. Covering varous design projects from web design to print design
  • July 2007 - January 2010Co Owner, Designer & Project Manager

    Pixel Design Studio, Varna / Full-time
    Co owner with my wife of a design studio. Worked with most of the biggest local companies in different brahcnes. Covering press design, web design, logo design, prepress, package design projects.
  • May 2002 - June 2007Designer and Prepress specialist at Press Company

    Passatpress, Varna / Full-time
    Worked as Designer and Prepress specialist.
  • December 2001 - May 2002Web/Graphic Designer

    Orca Studio, Varna / Full-time
    Working on various projects.
  • March 2001 - December 2001Graphic Designer

    Add agency part of publisher group Pozvanete / Full-time
    Working on various graphic design and press projects.
  • February 2000 - March 2001Designer

    Studio Billboard, Varna / Full-time
    Working on various projects while finishing my education in Technical University, Varna.
  • February 1999 - January 2000Computer Designer

    Studio Janet, Varna / Part-time
    Part time job, doing some basic design projects while studdying in Technical University, Varna.
  • October 1996 - September 1998Technical Secretary

    Griff Ltd, Varna / Full-time
    Worked as Technical Secretary in Griff Ltd, Varna. Got some basics in working with computers.
  • September 1993 - March 1995Military Service

    Division 24200, Jambol / Full-time
    Served Regular Military Duty to Republic Of Bulgaria as Meteorologist in 3rd Bulgarian Army

Other Skills

Russian Language


English Language

Prepress: Expert,
Label and Packaging: Expert,
Logo, Web Design: Expert Graphic Proficiency